Become a Marc Jr Foundation Monthly Donor

We need monthly donors to continue providing the financial grants and educational information to DIPG families around the country. Your gift will directly impact DIPG families in need.  You will be offering family grants to help with co-pays and other unexpected costs associated with having a child diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.
We need you with us!
Donate monthly to help DIPG families facing childhood terminal cancer (DIPG)
By making a tax-deductible monthly donation, in any amount that fits your budget, you can have a profound impact:
  • $5 a month provides travel expenses to and from treatments for patients and their families.
  • $10 a month provides copays, art supplies, activities, books, toys it could be a family night out – the Zoo, a museum, movie, amusement park etc. to distract patients while waiting for tests, procedures or treatments.
  • $25 a month provides patients with a Marc Jr Foundation’s educational iPads which are pre-loaded with resources to help parents navigate this difficult diagnosis.
  • $50 a month provides funds for patients to get prescriptions/medications and other uncovered supportive care in emergency situations.
  • $100 a month provides more patients each year to receive a $500 financial grants to help reduce the financial stress that comes with a DIPG diagnosis
The sooner you start your recurring gift, the sooner your gift will begin to make a difference in a child’s life. Don’t hesitate, start your recurring gift today!

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