Holistic options

At the Arsenceic Foundation, we are fiercely passionate about community-wellness education. We believe in the natural healing process and emphasize prevention above treatment. We know that food is our “medicine” and teaching people how to thrive is our responsibility.

Who are we and what do we do?

Marco Dydo is a Neuroscientist and Researcher
Lisa-Marie has a background in Developmental Psychology and is a plant-based foodie and recipe developer.

They have a Nutraceutical Laboratory and Kitchen in Southern California and have been working with cancer patients with their Nutraceutical protocol for many years and helping them thrive.

Marco has developed a very unique extraction protocol for phytonutrients as well as a Nutraceutical wellness protocol that has produced promising results with many different cancers, including previously incurable, aggressive brain cancers. This protocol is proprietary, the only one of its kind, and is entirely plant-based encouraging the body to fight cancer at its origin.

When we work with a cancer family, we focus on everything from diet, to exercise to emotional support as we have witnessed that it’s never just “one” thing that successfully treats cancer.

We are currently in the process of obtaining FDA Orphan Drug Status for one of our protocols and we have just moved into a new facility with a state-of-the-art clean- room, which has enabled Marco to apply new, groundbreaking techniques to his one-of-a-kind extraction process.

How do we work with you?

We have an extensive Intake form that we have people fill out that gives us an overview of the health concern. We ask for access to any medical portals that exist and we also request actual hard copies of scans, both past, and present, along with the accompanying reports.

Do we work with physicians?

We love to partner with physicians because we feel that creating a wellness team gives your loved ones the support they need for a successful wellness journey.

What exactly does the protocol look like?

Nutraceuticals are plant-based products, that, unlike their Pharmaceutical counterparts, are much easier on the human body and produce virtually no side effects.

The protocol consists of extracts that are used under the tongue as well as in suppositories, pills, capsules, and a topical salve. There is also a GI Tract Synbiotic System that is much like a thick, Greek, Vegan yogurt with a crumbly topping that is eaten at breakfast because we focus a great deal on gut health and the gut/brain connection. There is a tea that can be used at breakfast or dinner. If the person we are working with is tube fed, we have options for this as well. We also encourage a positive lifestyle approach.