Move Your Mind Virtual 5K

Move your mind and your heart for the Marc Jr. Foundation and kids with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma).


While we won’t be joining together in person, this virtual event will kick-off on October 10th with a fun audio experience to motivate you as you complete your 5K distance.  The beauty of a virtual event is that you are in control, tune in whenever the moment speaks to you!  If you’re an early bird, get up and get on your way!  If you prefer to start your weekend mornings a little later, sit with a nice cup of coffee, cook up some eggs or waffles, play with kids (or dog…), go ahead and enjoy yourself, you’ve got all day to run, walk, stroll the 3.1 miles.

You are also in control of your route: try out a new trail or run/walk an old favorite!

  • a fun audio experience that can play right alongside your favorite playlist!
  • a great water bottle and water bottle stickers!
  • Specials, discounts, and promotions from The Orchard Town Center!

How do you receive all these goodies?  Glad you asked!  You can choose between an in-person pickup at The Orchard Town Center on October 3rd from 11AM-2PM.  Or we will mail everything to you for $5 to cover postage (mailing will happen on or around October 1st).

Simply put, DIPG is a cancer of the pons – the area directly above the brainstem – and is considered one of the most dreaded forms of childhood cancer due to the historically poor prognosis. DIPG is very rare and affects approximately 300 children per year in the United States. There is no known cause; it affects girls and boys equally; spans all social, racial, and religious groups; and has a peak incidence around 6 to 9 years of age.