Emma Mertens, DIPG

When 40 Police Departments Surprised Emma, A 7-Year-Old Battling DIPG

“Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.” – Jackie Chan Sometimes our ...
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What Is Convection-Enhanced Delivery (CED)? How Does It Play A Role In The Treatment Of DIPG?

DIPG is an aggressive and a hard to treat tumor that is present in the brain stem. As it has ...
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New Drug For DIPG

This New Drug Could Become The First Ever Treatment Designed To Target DIPG

A shocking fact - for about two decades now no new drugs have been licensed to treat brain cancer in ...
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Karen Muffie Armstrong, DIPG, Neil Armstrong, Marc Jr Foundation

The Story Of Neil Armstrong’s Daughter & Her Battle With DIPG

Karen Anne Armstrong was just two and a half years old when she passed away on January 28, 1962. This ...
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